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There is a tremendous demand placed on the Foundation's resources and every effort is made to be as effective as possible in awarding the funds that are available for distribution. As part of that effort, and in keeping with the family's philanthropic interests and the priorities established by the Board, the following guidelines will generally apply:

  • Applicant organizations must be classified as 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service and operate within the continental United States. 
  • The Foundation will not consider grants to institutions which, in policy, or practice unfairly discriminate on the basis of sex, age or religion. 
  • The Foundation will consider only one request per year from each organization and would generally prefer to consider special projects.

For a description of the Wold Foundation's areas of interest, see the About Page.



General Restrictions

Though it is impractical to detail all parameters, the Foundation generally will not:
  • Make loans or grants to individuals or loans to organizations;
  • Engage in conduit funding: i.e., make a grant to an exempt organization which passes the funds on to another organization;
  • Grants funds to retire debt; Purchase memberships or blocks of tickets;
  • Purchase tickets for fund-raising dinner, parties, balls or other social fund- raising events;
  • Schedule interviews with the Foundation Trustees unless the Trustees initiate the meeting;
  • Fund churches or church projects;
  • Grant monies to endowment funds;
  • Support project involving court action;
  • Reconsider previously denied proposals.

Application Guidelines


The Foundation welcomes Applications for Grant requests throughout the year; however, they must be on the provided, downloadable PDF form. Applications should be mailed to the Foundation office. Presentations to one or more of the Trustees should only be made at the request of the Trustee.




In addition to the Application for Grant, the Foundation may request further information it deems necessary to complete its investigation. Among such items are the following:

  1. A copy of the organization's original IRS classification letter, plus such recent modification as might verify the organization's non-private foundation status, and a statement from a responsible officer that there have been no further changes in operations which might jeopardize the current tax-exempt status;
  2. A list of the board of directors complete with addresses, phone numbers and primary business or professional affiliation;
  3. A copy of the most recent annual audit, or year-end financial statements if an audit is unavailable;
  4. Any letters which may have been received from the accountant relating to the internal auditing controls;
    • A description of the administration and officers who be responsible for carrying out the project including their names and titles;
    • A copy of the most recently filed Form 990 Income Tax Return;
    • A copy of the current year's projected budget of income and expense; 

  5. A year-to-date record of income and expense showing variations from the current year's budget;
  6. A detailed budget for the project which would indicate how the requested funds would be spent over what time period. Applicants should be clear about the amounts being requested and the dates on which payments are going to be needed;
  7. A review of other public and private financial support with special attention being given to:
  8. A detailed analysis of trustee financial support and commitment for both the project in question and for the organization in general during the most recent fiscal year. No names, please;
  9. A review of the financial commitment of other foundations for the project in question, by name and amount;
  10. A review of the financial commitment of corporations for the project in question, by name and amount;
  11. A review of public sector support by name and amount; Any additional useful information about financial support from sources not included above.
  12. A careful projection, if appropriate, of how the project will be supported once any potential Wold Foundation commitment has been completed;
  13. An endorsement by the chief administrator of the organization with some statement as to the priority of this project.



In order for each proposal to be thoughtfully studied, the applying organization should have their proposal to the Foundation by October 15 for consideration at the November Board meeting.

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The Wold Foundation will send letters outlining all Trustee decisions within two weeks following a Board meeting. In the case of organizations which have had grants approved, the Foundation respectfully requests that all proposed press releases be cleared with the Foundation.

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The Foundation requires that the responsible officer in each recipient organization submit a written report on what has been accomplished with the funds granted one year following each grant or upon completion of the project. Funds granted may only be expended for the purposes granted, and funds not spent over time must be returned to the Foundation, unless other arrangements have been approved of by the Foundation. A full and final accounting must be made on the completion of the project. From time to time, the Foundation will conduct post-grant evaluations of completed projects. The purpose of such evaluations is to help the Foundation examine its effectiveness. The Foundation will greatly appreciate the grantee's cooperation in this effort.

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Grant ApplicationGrant Application

The Foundation welcomes Applications for Grant requests throughout the year; however, they must be on the provided form. The Foundation limits its grants to IRS-approved, tax exempt organizations now conducting or seeking to create worthy projects benefiting our society and mankind.


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